Dr Larissa Suzuki: BSc MPhil PhD CEng FRSA MIET AFHEA

As an engineer

I can be a doctor for the world




I am Dr Larissa Suzuki (BSc MPhil PhD CEng FRSA MIET AFHEA), an award-winning, passionate computer scientist, entrepreneur, inventor and Chartered Engineer.

I am a Practice Lead, Machine Learning at Google, and my continuing academic work is at UCL where I serve as an Hon. Associate Professor in Computer Science.

My career includes 15 years working in many fields of engineering, including smart cities, ML, emerging technology, and computing applied to medicine / neuroimaging (cancer diagnosis).

My previous experiences includes Founders4Schools/Workfinder, London Government, European Commission, ARUP, IBM, Oracle, University Labs (UCL, MIT, Lancaster, USP), Smar, Bank of Brazil.

I’ve received numerous awards, grants and recognitions from MIT, Intel, Google, IBM, ACM, Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation, Microsoft Research, Siemens, EPSRC, McKinsey & Co, among many others for my contributions to industry and international science.

I’ve published several research papers academic journals, books and conferences, am a frequent Keynote, conference and panel speaker (including TEDx).  I am the Chair of the R&D category of the IET Innovation Awards,  judge and reviewer of the ACM Global Research Competition, Talent 2030 National Engineering Competition. I am a journal reviewer for IEEE and Springer, and the chair of the Tech London Advocates Smart Cities.

Since 2006 I’ve been actively working towards increasing the representation of people of all kinds in Engineering.


Academic Background


BSc in Computer Science

University Barao de Maua

Summa Cum Laude degree. 3 Honours and Awards . Valedictorian student . Honoured by the University and the Brazilian Computer Society as the best student. Scientific initiation fellow in AI . Research presented and published at International Conferences. 


MPhil in Electrical Engineering

University of Sao Paulo

2 years MPhil program . Summa Cum Laude – GPA: A . 3 Honours and Awards . Created new technologies for early detection of breast cancer in women of all ages. Paved the way to reduce radiation exposure in cancer patients by 20% - 30%. Published in international journals.


Diploma in Integrated Business Processes

University of Duisburg-Essen

Certificate in Integrated Business Processes from Faculty of Economics and Business Administration


PhD in Computer Science

UCL (Host)/Imperial/MIT

4 Years Ph.D program . 15 Honours and Awards .  Pioneered Data Infrastructures for Smart Cities. Created the City Data Market Strategy of the Mayor of London . Designed Urban Platforms for over 40 EU cities . Published as a Book.


Smart Cities

Machine Learning and AI

Emerging Tech

Medical Imaging

My academic and professional career both started at the age of 16. At the age of 18 I was a scientific initiation scholar, at the age of 21 I founded my first business, and when I was 23 I became a Lecturer in BSc in Computer Science and MBA programs.

I’ve worked in a multitude of multidisciplinary projects: I’ve designed and developed expert systems, applications and methods to assist the early detection of cancer and for neuroimaging,  urban mobility and smart homes applications, augmented reality applications for smart buildings, and large scale data infrastructures for smart cities.

TEDx Talk

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Industry Career

My passion is to use technology for the benefit of mankind, in medical areas and in smart cities. I have +15 years of experience as a computer scientist and engineer.

I’ve worked for Google, Oracle, IBM, ARUP, the Bank of Brazil, Smar, University of Sao Paulo, and Central Government, among others. I was a Director of Product Management at Oracle, leading on the development of tools to industrialise machine learning.

For Arup and IBM I’ve used IoT and AR devices to spot energy waste, manage resources, locate hidden assets, and manage predictive maintenance by exploiting data from instrumenting smart buildings.

For the European Commission, I co-led the development and delivery urban platforms. For London Government I led the delivery of a GIS platform to support the London Infrastructure 2050 Plan. The platform provides analytics, points where infrastructure investment plans across the key sectors should go, assesses infrastructure capacity, and opportunities for joint delivery and expected saving. Elimination of 1% pa of congestion caused by road works using the tool helps the capital to saving £4.2M. This significantly exceeds the cost of developing the tool to date. In 2019, I was brought back to the GLA to upgrade the tool. The Mayor stated, on releasing V3 of the IMA, that the tool is predicted to continue supporting good growth and support tackling the huge cost of congestion (£6.2B, forecast to rise to £9.3B by 2030 – in 2018, roadworks caused 15%, ~£900M, of this and costs London drivers an average of 227 hours and £1,680).

At Founders4Shools I’ve delivered AI solutions to stimulate the tech talent pipeline for the long term and help to address skills gaps in the Labour Market.

At Oracle, I was a Director and led the delivery of a new Machine Learning (ML) framework (similar to Kubeflow) to allow the migration of previous ML from Oracle “On Premise” solutions to Oracle Cloud (OCI), to save $100Ms to Oracle with cloud migration. I have also filed 5 patents for the invention of a unified framework for AutoML at Oracle.


Volunteering, teaching and mentoring within the community are extra-curricular activities that I’ve pursued for many years.

Since 2006 I’ve been actively working towards increasing the representation of women in Computer Science.

I am the founder and head of the TLA Smart Cities Working Group (Tech London Advocates).

I am the founder of UCL Student Society of Women Engineers, a student society dedicated to provide support to the professional, personal and academic development of all women engineers at UCL.

I co-organised the London Hopper Colloquium, served a member of the Diversity and Leadership group at the Royal Academy of Engineering, served as a member of the Athena Swan Committee (UCL/Computer Science), was the Community Leader of the ABI.London.

I am currently a committee member of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (research posters & papers for technical tracks), ACM research competition judge, ABIE Awards.