Dr Larissa Suzuki and Dr Andy Harter

Selected highlights from 2015-2019

(Keynote Speaker) Smart Living (Smart City Expo, Doha, Qatar) 

(Speaker) Industrialising ML (HopperX1, London, UK)

(Speaker) The Role of 5G in AI Powered Smart Cities (Engineering the future of communications – House of Lords, London, UK)

(Speaker) Sooner than you think: Smart Cities (Bloomberg Open Innovation Forum, Skolkovo, Russia)

(Keynote Speaker) Smart Mobility and AI (Audi MQ – Mobility Quotient, Ingolstadt, Germany)

(Session Chair / Upcoming) Smart Cities (Grace Hopper Conference, Houston, US)

(Plenary Speaker/Workshop) The Dynamics of Data Science – Royal Society (London, UK)

(Keynote / Upcoming) ML, IoT and Smart Cities: The next frontier (Russian AI Forum 2018, Moscow, Russia)

(Panelist) Young Digital Transformers (National Digital Conference London, UK)

(Chair/Moderator) Mapping the World to Build Smart Cities (CogX 2018, Dubai, UE)

(Chair/Moderator) Open Data Panel  (IoTX 2018, Dubai, UE)

(Keynote) IoT and the Grand City Challenges (IoTX 2018, Dubai, UE)

(Panellist) Alpha Go (Artificial Intelligence) event with Google Deep Mind (UCL)

(Speaker) Brave New Smart World. Insight Talk, Turing Lecture of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, UK (2018)

(Keynote) The roadmap for Smart cities. Tech, Data and the Future of Nations (The Business, Trade & Commerce Conference North 2017, Tromso, Norway)

(Speaker) Data and Smart Cities (Smart Cities Symposium, London, UK)

(Keynote) Smart Cities Design Playbook (Hamburg@work 20th Anniversary Summit, Hamburg, Germany)

(Speaker) Smart Cities Design (Google Developer Group – Cloud, London, UK)

(Keynote) Smart Cities and Sustainable Growth (Association of Equipment Manufacturer – Think Forward Event, Chicago, USA)

(Speaker) What makes a City Smart? (DDaTCoN 2017: smart cities, London, UK)

(Speaker) Smart Cities 101 – Fundamentals and Design Principles for the Cities of the Future (IoT Conference, Malmo, Copenhagen)

(Speaker) The Live London Infrastructure Map (ULI Tech Conference – 4th Revolution, London, UK)

(Speaker) Mapping London’s 2050 Infrastructure Growth (ESRI Annual Conference, London, UK)

(Speaker) What are Smart Cities? (CONEXPO – CON/AGG 2017, Las Vegas, USA)

(Speaker) Urban Platforms (Porto Town Hall, Portugal)

(Speaker) Designing cities for everyone: Making cities real SMART (ODI Summit 2016, London)

(Speaker) IoT With the Best Developers Conference: “IoT: The Roadmap for Smart Cities” (World’s largest developers conference)

(Keynote) APAC Innovation Summit (Hong Kong): “How a Data Infrastructure Can Make Your City Smart” Sept 2016

(Speaker) Urban Innovation Centre Speaker: “6 Billion dreams: What new business models and data infrastructure do we need to meet the aspirations of future urban dwellers?

(Speaker) Pint of Science London & L’Oreal Science Foundation 2015: “City Data Integration in Smart Cities”

(Panelist) REWORK Internet Of Things Summit London 2015: ”IOT Common Standards & Security”

(Speaker) REWORK Connected Cities Summit “Data as Infrastructure For Smart Cities”, 2015 (London, UK)

(Speaker) Smart City Expo Kyoto 2015: “The IoT: How 50 billion things will change the way we live and communicate”

(Speaker) Smart City Expo 2015 “Data as Infrastructures for Smart Cities

(Panelist) Smart City Expo 2015 “Urban Platforms”, European Innovation Partnership Project  as part of my work as the co-lead and author of the requirements specification for Urban Platforms, Demand Side group of the “European Innovation Partnership Program – Urban Platforms”

(Speaker) Pint of Science London & L’Oreal Science Foundation 2015: “City Data Integration in Smart Cities

(Speaker) TEDx (Global TedX Women) Speaker: “Smart Cities”, 2015.

(Speaker) Smart City Expo Kyoto “The IoT: How 50 billion online things will change the way we live and communicate”, 2015

Conference Organisation/Co-Organisation

  1. FullStack 2017, London
  2. International Grace Hopper Conference London 2016, ABI.London
  3. Grace Hopper Conference Committee Member (technical papers, ABIE Awards)ÂÂ
  4. ACM Research Competition Judge and Reviewer Committee at GHC
  5. COIOTE 2015, Publicity Chair
  6. Smart Cities Global Hackathon 2014 , Co-Organizer
  7. Big Bang Fair 2012, 2013, 2014, UCL Computer Science and Intel Workshop Assistant
  8. Grace Hopper Conference 2015, General Poster and ACM Research Competition Poster Committee Member
  9. London Hopper Colloquium, Co-Organizer (2012 – Present)
  10. Urban Data Management Conference 2012, Logistics Assistant
  11. Lovelace Colloquium, Papers Reviewer and Logistics Assistant
  12. X Technology Week, University Centre Barao de Maua, Co-Organizer