I am an award winning and passionate computer scientist, engineer and entrepreneur.

I am Prof Dr Larissa Suzuki (BSc MPhil PhD CEng CRAeS FRSA FIET AFHEA IntPE), also known as Lara Suzuki.

I have over +18 years of Tech and Engineering Industry experience. I have the priviledge to be one of Google’s Cloud CTOs – or “OCTOs” – helping the organisation to drive innovation and bring futuristic technologies to fruition, including AI, Federated Learning, Cloud Robotics, Responsible AI, and MLOps.

I am also a Google AI Principles Ethics Fellow and Pioneer. Other scientific work includes working on building the Interplanetary Internet collaborating with NASA/JPL.

I have built systems for healthcare, financial sector, smart cities, federated computations, Internet of Everything, and robots (non industrial application).

My continuing academic work is at UCLUniversité du QuébecUniversity of Oxford and Harvard University, where I serve as Professor and guest Lecturer, respectively. I am a TEDx speaker with nearly 110,000 views. My Course and Professional Certificate at Harvard edX are available online here and here.

I have founded AppStudio – a software house at the age of 21, the UCL Society of Women Engineers, and The KOI Circle which is the largest network of Women in STEM on LinkedIn and

I have received numerous awards and recognitions for my contributions to industry and international science.  I am an active keynote speaker, inventor, entrepreneur, and open source contributor. I am currently featured in the IET Women in Engineering exhibit and on the IET’s list of the 95 inspiring engineers and technologist of the past, present, and future.

Since the age of 17 I’ve actively worked towards increasing the representation of people of all kinds in Engineering and Technology. 

I am the Chair of the Tech London Advocates Smart Cities Group,  a reviewer of grant/awards of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the IET, the ACM and the Engineers Trust. I am a Committee member of the  Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Ambassador Network Council and the Prize Search Committee, and of the Royal Academy of Engineering DEI Committee.

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Sustainability and Smart Cities
Interplanetary Internet and Space Research
Robotics and Edge Computing
Culture of Innovation and DEI
Computing Applied to Medicine

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